Tightly Curly Product Recommendations

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Not Recommended

Not Recommended: Mizani True Textures Shampoos


My apologies for the crappy “feature” photo. I didn’t realize it was blurry until I was downloading it at home. I think my camera auto-focused on the face in the advertisement or something. But still, you get the idea of what these products look like. And since I’m not recommending them, I don’t think they need a great photo anyway.

Yikes. The one on the left has acrylates copolymer and both have sodium hydroxide, the same pH as the chemicals used in drain cleaners. I’m sure the sodium hydroxide is there to balance pH, but on principle alone, I will never put sodium hydroxide/ relaxer ingredients in my hair again. Plus it’s really caustic, so why take a chance? Anyhow, save yourself the money and get products that won’t hurt your hair that you can find for much cheaper.