Not Recommended: Mixed Chicks Shampoo

Update 12/30/2016: It should have jumped out of me in the store before I bought it, but it didn’t. This has TEA lauryl sulfate. This is a drying cleanser, and that it’s so high up on the ingredients list makes me too nervous to try it. Which is too bad, because the other ingredients seemed […]


Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo

Product Summary: Though this product had an ominously thick lather, it turned out to be a mild shampoo that I would use again (but probably less of it when I do). Update 3/18/2017: When I went over all the ingredients in this product, I was concerned about the sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, because one ingredient book […]


Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner

  Update 12/10/2016: Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner is marketed as a deep conditioner, but if you check out the ingredients and compare them with all the other conditioners, they are basically the same. This is a thicker¬† product, but I’m assuming it’s thicker because they put less water in there. This is almost a whipped […]