Moroccan shine cond brighter

Clairol Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Conditioner

Product Summary: Though it’s on the perfume-y side, this is one of my go to conditioners. When I comb with it my hair feels glass-like and the comb glides through my curls easier. It clumps and smooths well. Update 9/24/2016: This may be just about my favorite conditioner. I just used it again tonight and […]

Aussie three min wider

Aussie Smooth 3 Minute Miracle

I just tried this this last Sunday and was really happy with it. It combed really well, and my hair seemed even more clumped and soft than usual. It’s hard to explain, but my hair seemed to have a bit of extra weight, and felt even softer. I think this may be my new go to […]