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Aussie Smooth 3 Minute Miracle

Aussie Smooth three minute conditioner IngredientsI just tried this this last Sunday and was really happy with it. It combed really well, and my hair seemed even more clumped and soft than usual. It’s hard to explain, but my hair seemed to have a bit of extra weight, and felt even softer.

I think this may be my new go to conditioner…unless they add salt to it.

Note 8/23/2016: After washing and combing my hair, I braid it after it dries, and I usually leave it in that braid for a couple days. I do this to cut down on the wear and tear on my hair, but also because I’m lazy. I’d probably leave my hair in that same braid for longer, but my braid usually ends up looking like it needs re-doing after day two. However, after using this conditioner, I didn’t need to redo my braid even after day three  because my braid still looked good (but changed my hairstyle anyway because it was about to be day four with the same braid). So I think I’ll start an informal category called Braid Conditioner, to note conditioners that keep my braid looking good for longer than usual.