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Welcome to the products recommendation pages!

I recommend a product only after looking up every ingredient in multiple ingredient dictionaries. If all the ingredients seem okay, I try out the product on my hair for a week just to be certain. If I like how my hair feels and acts by the end of the week, I’ll put it here. I’ve also included my favorite go to products, and if I’ve checked out a product but it didn’t pass one of these tests, I’ll mention why.

If you’re interested, please check out these pages:

*Please note that though I try to be as careful as possible on these recommendations, many times the same products overseas or even in different states, or just because, have different ingredients (often it’s sodium chloride that’s added). Also know that the ingredients in a product can change without any warning or indication on the package that it’s happened. Therefore, it’s always a great practice to be paranoid like me when it comes to your pretty curls, and to always check the labels of any product before purchasing.*