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FUBU Shampoo wider

Natural Style by FUBU Moisture Shine Gentle Shampoo

FUBU Shampoo IngredientsI really like¬†Natural Style by FUBU Moisture Shine Gentle Shampoo. It has a texture that I’ve been trying to think of how to describe…it’s really thick and almost…gooey, but in the nicest possible way. Almost sticky, like you could pull it apart. It’s really rich feeling, and very mild. You almost need to add extra water to it to even get it to start lathering. It has a satisfying amount of lather (lathering is psychological more than an actual indicator of cleansing, but we’ve been conditioned to feel that lather = cleaning). But your hair still feels moisturized when you’re done. I like to use this in the winter when my skin all over feels on the dry side. The scent has a…smokier?..undertone than other products.