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Alaffia beautiful curls conditioner
Not Recommended

Not Recommended: Alaffia Beautiful Curls Deep Conditioning Treatment

Alaffia beautiful curls cond ingredients


Update 9/12/2106: Crap. Alaffia Beautiful Curls Deep Conditioning Treatment has magnesium sulfate. This is epson salt. So I wrote Alaffia and asked them to offer some conditioners for very curly hair without the salt so I can recommend them (provided they don’t substitute for something equally drying). While I was there I asked for more clarification on what was mixed with the shea butter to make it into soap¬†for the shampoo. More details in the Alaffia shampoo update, coming soon.


I really want to recommend some Alaffia products, so I’m trying this conditioner. I found it at Whole Foods. I’ll begin looking up all the ingredients soon, and if everything looks good, I’ll see how it combs and clumps.