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Not Recommended – Beautiful Curls Activating Shampoo

Alaffia beautiful curls shampoo ingredients


Update 10/31/2016: I avoided this for a while, but I’m just not going to try this. I don’t trust that there is soap (the saponified shea butter mentioned below). It also has magnesium sulfate. This is epson salt. I know it’s in a shampoo, and I’m usually okay (but not thrilled) with salts in shampoos. But epson salt looks especially harsh to me from my research. So I’m going to move this to the not recommended pile. But I’ll keep my eye on Alaffia in hopes they’ll modify their ingredients.

Update 9/4/2016: Looking over the ingredients quickly I saw it has saponified shea butter. You can click that link to see how I feel about saponified ingredients (it’s soap, which means it’s a fat mixed with a (often) very strong alkali ingredient like sodium hydroxide). But maybe this is more mild so I may end up trying it if there isn’t anything else that makes me nervous with the ingredients. We’ll see…

Original Post 9/4/2016: Please ignore the photo being a little blurry. I didn’t realize the camera focused on the background until it was already getting dark outside. Like with the conditioner, I’m wanting to be able to recommend Alaffia products, so I’m also going to give the shampoo a test drive, starting with looking up all the ingredients, and if those all look okay, I’ll give it a try and let you know how it went.