Tightly Curly Product Recommendations

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Lush happy joy cond
Not Recommended

Not Recommended: Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Conditioner

Lush happy joy cond ingredientsI love how Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Conditioner smells. Just love it. Like I want to use it as a lotion so I can keep smelling it. I really like how they make a point of being against animal testing, and that this product is vegan (especially since I’m vegan). I liked the store, and really appreciate that they hand you a booklet that tells you all the products they offer and all the ingredients in each one. BUT. This conditioner has sodium lauryl sulfate in it. This is a shampoo ingredient. It’s in there to help the product rinse out of your hair easier, but because it’s there, this can’t be recommended for the tightly curly method. Which makes me very sad, because I really would like to use this product as a combing leave in conditioner, if for no other reason than its scent.

That being said, it would be a fine rinse out conditioner, or you could even use it as a very mild shampoo. Which I think I will try it out for that, and if so, I’ll recommend it as a shampoo.

I even wrote the company (lushusa.com) to ask them to make one, just ONE conditioner without the sodium lauryl sulfate so I could recommend it as a combing conditioner. You never know. It may happen.

So look for this appearing as a shampoo recommendation. I still need to go over every ingredient, and try it for a week, but if it passes those tests, you may see it in the shampoo suggestion page.

Update: Hmmm, it has Tincture of Benzoin/ Styrax benzoin. so I’m not sure it I will be able to recommend it even for shampooing.