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Giovani shampoo brighter

Giovanni 50:50 Hydration-Clarifying Shampoo

Giovani Shampoo ingredients

I must confess this was my husband’s shampoo, but he let me take it outside for a photo session and to use it. It cleaned gently, but it wasn’t one of those shampoos that just foam without actually cleansing. But it was gentle enough that I needed to add another glop of it to feel I’d shampooed my scalp all the way (I don’t shampoo my hair or ends, just my scalp). I was happy with how it cleaned and would totally buy my own bottle and use it, especially in summer when I like a little more cleansing in a shampoo.

All the main ingredients look okay — I’m just adding in all the extra herbs thrown in at the end for show to the ingredients dictionary. These herbs are last in the product, so don’t really do much other than sound nice, so I feel the product worked, and I’m adding in the herbs just so they’ll be in the dictionary–and if something jumps out as being a terrible herb even in small amounts I’ll say something and take away my recommendation. But I doubt that will happen. So in the mean time, I’m putting it in my shampoo recommendations.