Product Basket


I don’t often use the same shampoo and conditioner of a particular product line. Sometimes a company makes a great shampoo, but has a bad conditioner, or makes a wonderful conditioner yet has a harsh, drying shampoo. So I tend to mix and match to get the best products.

Also, since you rinse out shampoo, I’m not as picky about some of the ingredients as I am for the combing conditioners, like if salt is in it. However, sticky ingredients like acrylates stay in your hair and will make your hair sticky, so they are never okay.

Please note that in a pinch, or if you’d rather, you can just use a combing conditioner in place of a shampoo. Just put it in, gently rub on your scalp, rinse, repeat if you want, then add more combing conditioner, this time leaving it in.

Here are some of the shampoos I recommend so far.