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I got this at a Rite Aid in Louisville. It has a very simple list of ingredients and is marketed as a leave-in conditioner and a co-wash. It sounds weird for it to be both, but this just shows that all these ingredients in this and other products are pretty much all similar. They just get marketed differently in different products even though the products may be nearly identical ingredients-wise to each other (check them out on all the other posts here since I show all the ingredients in the products I review).

A co-wash is a conditioner that you put in and rinse out as you would a shampoo (but it’s a conditioner instead). And a leave in conditioner is just a conditioner. So it makes sense that this is marketed as both. Because the same ingredients are used in both these types of products. Again, the same ingredients are just marketed to look like they do separate and different things, but it’s just marketing to sell you a whole line of products that are all virtually the same. At least this product is honest that its ingredients perform more than one function.

This has similar ingredients as all the other conditioners out there, just in different combinations and amounts. But it’s amazing how much they all have in common, and that this says it can be used for both shows that these are versatile ingredients, and it’s okay to use a conditioner that says you should rinse it out in your hair, because it has basically the same ingredients as a product marketed as a leave-in conditioner. The important thing is to make sure all the ingredients in there are okay for your hair no matter what the bottle says its function is.

This product looks like it may be extra slippery for combing. As soon as I check everything out (and it looks okay), I’ll give it a try.