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Update 9/24/2016: The full week for trying Damage Remedy Conditioner is now over. I checked my hair tonight right before stepping into the shower and the ends still looked shiny and soft. So I am going to recommend this conditioner. It wasn’t my favorite because other conditioners comb a little better, but it did comb well enough, and it clumped my curls and kept them moisturized. Since I had used more conditioner than I needed, most of the mornings when I got up I just smoothed water over my hair (usually I smooth water plus a little conditioner to refresh my curls). Overall this conditioner did the job pretty well. However, it was pretty expensive for doing a job slightly less well than conditioners far less expensive.

Update 9/21/2016: I combed with this and it did okay. I think I used too much, which is normally hard to do for most other products. You have to squeeze out the product to get the amount needed, and it was squirting slowly. So I squeezed on it for a while to get enough product and sort of spaced out while I was doing it, and when I looked back, I was holding a huge handful of it. I shrugged and put it in my hair and got another handful for the other side of my hair. Normally it isn’t a problem if I use too much, the product just foams up as I comb. This one, however, felt…not sticky exactly…just like there was too much there. But if I rinsed my Denman, it felt slipperier. And I was able to get through all my hair okay, and so far it’s clumping okay. I don’t think this will be a go-to conditioner, but I think it will be an average one. I’ll finish off the week before deciding officially this is recommended.

I bought this Aveda product today to try out. Though everything you need to comb and clump your beautiful curls is in much (much) cheaper products, I know Aveda has a huge marketing campaign, and they make their products look special and extra-natural. And I do want to be able to recommend all kinds of products, not just drugstore ones, so I bough this 6.7 oz bottle for nearly $30. It will be one of the next products I try and hopefully it will be as good as the cheaper products that work so amazingly well. And know that though this product is ridiculously expensive and filled with lots of plant water, nothing can repair or restructure hair.