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Natural Style by FUBU Moisture Shine Leave-In Conditioner

Natural Style by FUBU Leave in Conditioner_IngredientsI like the smell of this conditioner. It’s fragrance is different from the regular drugstore conditioners – a little more incense undertones or something. Smokey-er. But in a good way. You won’t smell like a cigarette or anything after using it. I’m sure I’m not describing the fragrance properly, but that’s how it reads to me. ¬†It combs well, but it’s very light, so it didn’t feel like it weighed my hair down as much as it needed. In fact, it felt sort of like it disappeared after a day or two. So this would be a good conditioner if you are looking for something much lighter that doesn’t weigh down your curls as much, or even use it as a smooth in conditioner in the morning to refresh your curls.

Notice above the ingredients they have a nice little blurb about how great some of the “showcase” ingredients are. These are nice, but oils all are about the same in your hair. The important ingredients are the more chemical sounding ones. And no amount of oil can make your hair stronger. Believe me, I used to put oil in my chemically damaged hair every night of my teenage-hood hoping it would stop the breakage. It didn’t. Only stopping damaging my hair stopped the breakage. Adding in all the oil just meant I had broken, oily hair.